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27 January 2018

Puketi Forest Kauri Challenge 2018

The Puketi Forest Kauri Challenge is an annual fundraising event organised by the Puketi Forest Trust. The Challenge comprises a choice of either a full 21km tramp or a shorter 12km tramp through some of the most spectacular parts of Puketi Forest. The route passes through a diverse range of forest types, includes varied terrain and stunning views, and ends with a picnic reception at Forest Pools. A good level of fitness and some tramping experience are required.

Next year's Challenge will be held on 27 January 2018 with a back up date of 3 February 2018.

To take part in the Challenge you will need to:

  1. Complete and return the official entry form (available online at
  2. Make an entry donation and pay any additional transport costs (details below and on the entry form).

There is a limit of 30 entrants for the shorter 4wd/12km tramp option, so please get in early if this option interests you. No limit applies to the full 21km option.

Note: Entries for the 12km walk received after Saturday 22 January may be assigned to a second round of 4WD transport to the start. Transport arrangements for these entrants will be confirmed by email later in the week. Entries for the 12km walk will not be accepted after Thursday 25 January.

Entry donations and transport costs are as follows:

  • Full 21km tramp - $50 entry donation.
  • Shorter 12km tramp with 4WD drive transport to midway point - $60 entry (includes $50 donation and $10 towards 4WD transport).
  • Optional return shuttle from Forest Pools back to the Puketi Recreation Area starting line - Additional $10 towards transport costs.

Each entry donation payment will be applied to sponsorship of 1ha of forest for one year and entitle the participant to one year's membership of the Trust. Transport charges go to petrol and vehicle hire. Additional donations are always welcome. Receipts will be issued for all donations, which will qualify for NZ tax rebates.

Download an information pack and entry form here.

On Going

(Contact DoC for the next training day)

Kiwi Aversion Training for Dogs

Now that stoats are controlled within the Trust's management area, dogs are the greatest threat to kiwi in Puketi. Aversion training, when combined with a good level of dog obedience and control, helps reduce the chances of dogs killing kiwi and is especially important for pig hunting dogs.

Kiwi aversion training is now a requirement for obtaining a hunting permit for Puketi and Omahuta forests.

The Department of Conservation provides free aversion training at least twice a year at several locations around the district. The training is conducted by Lesley Baigent, vet of Kaitaia.

To enquire about kiwi aversion training and to book your dog in for training, contact the Department of Conservation Far North District Office, 34 Landing Rd, Kerikeri. (09) 407 0300.

You can get a flyer with details of the kiwi aversion training from here:  KIWI AVERSION - THE FACTS  (pdf file, 67 kb)

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