Puketi Kids

This is your chance to experience Puketi Forest online! The Puketi Forest is an exciting and complex ecoystem. An ecosystem is a system formed by the interaction of a community of organisms (plants, animals, fungi, bacteria and other micro-organisms) with each other and with their physical environment.

Different types of forest are described by the main kinds of trees that they contain. When we examine the physical environment that makes up Puketi Forest, we discover that Puketi's forest type is a diverse mixture of hardwoods (such as tawa, towai and puriri), podocarps (such as totara and rimu) and the kauri. It is a subtropical kauri (Agathis australis) forest that covers 15,000 hectares and includes steep cliffs, plateau, swamps, streams and gorges and the bouldery Waipapa River.

Puketi Forest is home to many unique and magnificent New Zealand native trees including tawa, rimu, kahikatea and totara, as well as one of Northland's great treasures, the majestic kauri tree.

Now let's take a look at the different communities of organisms in the forest. We've included four virtual walks for you to take through the forest, so you can learn more about these communities:

As you take your online hike along the Puketi Nature Trail, notice the native plants and animals you encounter along the way. Look up and check out the forest's rich canopy. You'll find neat plants like epiphytes, that grow on other plants rather than on the ground. You may even spot a few birds along the way!

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